New Arrival Integration


Immigration is a normal, every day occurrence. Starting in early December 2022 however, Colorado began to experience a historic influx of new arrivals who did not have family, friends or resettlement agencies that were waiting to welcome, orient and help them resettle.

ONA wants to ensure that all of our newest arrivals, who want to call Colorado home, are welcomed, oriented and integrated into our communities. ONA does this work through outreach and partnerships with community based organizations throughout the state.


I Am New to Colorado; Where Do I Start? 

Welcome! The Migrant Welcome Guide is intended to assist our newest arrivals who do not yet have an immigration legal status but are intending to call Colorado home. This guide is not legal advice, and it does not include all of the information that you need to know, but we hope it gets you started.


Read the Welcome Guide - English 

Read the Welcome Guide - Spanish 

How Can I Help? 

Donate! The Rose Community Foundation (RCF), in partnership with the State of Colorado and the City of Denver launched the Newcomers Fund. This fund provides financial support to nonprofit organizations statewide who are currently providing emergency assistance to our newest arrivals.

Additionally through the Newcomers Workforce Fund, RCF, in collaboration with ONA, is funding local attorneys to provide immigration legal assistance to new arrivals. If you want to help with this specific effort, please write “Workforce Fund” as a notation on your donation.