Colorado's New American population estimate

The 2021 American Community Survey estimates that approximately 570,273 foreign born individuals live in and call Colorado home. This population represents 9.8% of Colorado's total population. 

pie chart: share of foreign born living in Colorado - 9.8 %

Pie chart showing share of foreign born living in Colorado - 570,273 foreign born or 9.8 %

Colorado's New Americans positively contribute to the economy

Foreign born Coloradans significantly contribute to Colorado's economy. Foreign born led households in Colorado hold an estimated $15.9 billion in spending power. These are dollars that reach Colorado businesses and the general economy. It is also estimated that foreign born Coloradans paid $5.5 billion in taxes.

household spending power

Text graphic showing immigrant household spending power: $15.9 Billion in foreign born household spending power. $5.5 Billion in foreign born taxes paid. Source: 2019 American Immigration Council.

Colorado's New Americans are of working age

A majority of foreign born Coloradans are of working age. Currently, the Colorado workforce has two jobs available for every one available worker. Foreign born Coloradans already play a significant role in Colorado's workforce and economy, and this talent pool will continue to play a role in addressing Colorado's significant workforce gaps.

graphic: age of foreign born population

Pie chart showing age data of foreign born population - ages 18-64 or 81.4%

Colorado's New Americans are educated

Approximately 32.5% of foreign born Coloradans aged 25 and over have at least a bachelor's degree. These individuals can fill workforce gaps in technically trained professions.

table: education of population 25 years and over

Table showing data of education of population 25 years and over:
High school graduate (includes equivalency) - 20.9%
Some college or associate's degree - 18.8%
Bachelor's degree - 18.4%
Graduate or professional degree - 14.1%

Colorado's New Americans play an important role in the workforce

Foreign born Coloradans bring diverse skill sets to Colorado's workforce. Colorado immigrants are not a monolith, as reflected by the diverse sectors they work in, from professional, scientific and management industries to arts, retail and construction.

table: top industries with highest share of foreign born workers

Table showing data of top industries with highest share of foreign born workers:
1. Educational services, and health care and social assistance 
2. Construction 
3. Professional, scientific, and management, and administrative and waste management services 
4. Arts, entertainment, and recreation, and accommodation and food services 
5. Manufacturing 
6. Retail trade 
7. Other services (except public administration) 
8. Transportation and warehousing, and utilities 
9. Agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting, and mining

Colorado's New Americans speak many languages

Colorado's New Americans speak diverse languages. The benefits of speaking multiple languages include the ability to connect with diverse communities and markets, increased cultural awareness, and sensitivity. These are the top 10 languages according to American Community Survey data collected by the U.S. Census Bureau. In addition to these languages, there are many more languages spoken in Colorado.

table: top languages spoken

Table showing data of top 10 languages:
1. Spanish 
2. Vietnamese 
3. Chinese (including Mandarin, Cantonese) 
4. Amharic, Somali, or other Afro-asiatic languages 
5. Korean 
6. Russian 
7. Nepali, Marathi, or other Indic languages 
8. Arabic 
9. Other languages of Asia 
10. French (including Cajun) 

Colorado's New Americans represent different genders and family types

This data reflects the gender diversity represented by foreign born Coloradans.

pie chart: share of foreign born men and women

Pie chart showing share of foreign born men and women: 49.4% men and 50.6% women