Global Talent Task Force Report 2023

On June 3, 2022, the Governor signed SB 22-140 that tasked the ONA to create a Global Talent Task Force (GTTF) that is reflective of the diverse representation in the state. The GTTF was tasked to provide policy and programmatic recommendations to the Governor and General Assembly to increase the ability of the state to harness the skills of New Americans, including through work-based learning opportunities.

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ONA annual report coverONA Annual Report 2023

The Office of New Americans continues to advance its vision for all New Americans in Colorado to have equitable access to opportunity and well-being. The 2023 annual report describes Colorado's New Americans, their contributions to the economy, legislation supporting their integration, and more.

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ONA annual report 2021ONA Annual Report 2021

In the 2021 annual report, you can explore in-depth insights into Colorado's New American population, their invaluable contributions to the state's economy, the legislative initiatives aimed at fostering their seamless integration, and much more.

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HB 21-1150 - Final Recommendations Regarding the Establishment of the Office of New AmericansFinal Recommendations Report cover

Per HB 21-1150 or House Bill on the Creation of The Colorado Office of New Americans, the New American Integration Initiative (now the Office of New Americans) convened a workgroup to deliver recommendations regarding the establishment of the ONA. The report in response to the state legislature’s mandate, also specifically recommends what state agencies or offices are best suited to administer the Colorado Refugee Services Program and any related programs so that the ONA’s integration goals are met or exceeded.

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New Americans Safety Net Research coverOffice of New Americans Access Research Report

The Office of New Americans partnered with Kone Consulting to identify and recommend changes to program access points to facilitate the ability for New Americans to benefit from programs for which they are eligible. New Americans lack access to state programs to a greater degree than U.S. born Coloradans because of barriers such as language or lack of awareness. The study includes recommendations on changes that could be made to ensure equitable access to programs for all Coloradans. In this report, you will find both big picture and detailed recommendations such as:

Engagement and access to information from trusted community leaders and organizations; Hiring on-site interpreters at county human services offices and prioritizing in-person meetings for applicants that have language and digital barriers; Implementing a full-service language assistance line accessible to all Coloradans;  Utilizing text message systems to engage New Americans.

The overall recommendations are in this final report PDF link and the program specific recommendations are in this report catalog by program appendices.

ONA annual report 2020 coverNew American Integration: Annual Report 2020

The Office of New Americans continues the work of its predecessor, the New American Integration Initiative, which released a report at the end of 2020 describing Colorado's New Americans, their contributions to the economy, legislation supporting their integration, and more.

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